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The 5 best Anti-Aging Eye Serums for lines & wrinkles

according to Dr. Cooper

Choose your eye-area anti-aging serum wisely. It can reduce wrinkles visibly but also harm delicate skin forever. At The Daily Glow, we've tested numerous serums and found the ultimate winner.

Sarah on April 17, 2023
Senior Editor I Beauty-Expertin


The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate.

It is equipped with fewer sebaceous glands and this area produces less oil, leaving it more susceptible to dehydration and dryness.

Which means, more susceptible to aging.

What leads to aging in these area?

  1. Dehydration

  2. Lower production of key proteins for the skin

  3. Lower absorption of key proteins for the skin 

  4. Sleep deprivation and stress

  5. Sun exposure

The bad news is we cannot reverse it. Any commercial brand that wants to sell you a product telling you to reverse it, is lying to you, period.

What you can do is help your skin age slower and better.

You can help your skin get the key proteins and vitamins, make more of those, and with time, look youthful and bright.


The obvious: good sleep, proper diet, regular exercise, lower stress levels and mid to low sun exposure.

The not-so obvious:
When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles…

The skin around the under-eye skin is demanding more collagen production. As it needs stimulation, providing
Peptides to your skin is the best
way to do it.

When it comes to dark circles and puffiness…

In this case, the under-eye skin is demanding restoration. It requires antioxidants and anti inflammatories. Your allies for that? Vitamin C and deep hydration.

1st place: e-peptide eye serum - reduces wrinkles, eye bags & dark circles

After hours of research, this blew our mind at the office.

An eye serum that could target wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles, puffiness and provide deep hydration?

Yes, it exists. (plus it’s vegan!).

But two of my colleagues were highly concerned about applying retinol on their under eye area, as it’s a very aggressive active ingredient and it might have not-so-good long term effects.

Peptides are not as invasive as retinol, and they are one of the biggest promises in the cosmetic industry.

So after one month and a half of using it, we picked this one as the winner.

Reading “hydrolyzed collagen + L-ascorbic acid + sodium hyaluronate + aloe leaf” on their site was such a green flag.

It’s everything. Smells good, penetrates deep, it’s light, you see immediate effects but also look good a few days after.

What we liked:

  • Perfect to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and rejuvenate tired eyes

  • Easy to apply, good smell, light

  • Very affordable

  • FDA approved, highest standards and regulations in the United States of America.

  • 100% secure and encrypted online shop with an easy ordering process

  • Fast delivery by (delivery company)

  • Hundreds of testimonials and happy customers

  • 60-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free test

What could be improved:

  • Low stock and availability, which makes us have to order in advance

  • Can only be bought online and in dedicated pharmacies



2nd place: Dr. Barbara Exoso-Metic Eye Serum

As you probably know, the serums from Dr. Barbara are quite expensive ($360 in this case) but we decided to choose this one as number 2.

It has an extremely advanced formulation that combines exosome and growth factor activated ingredients. We had never seen this before, it was nice to try and see the quick effects.

We rated this serum second because it’s way more expensive than the e-peptide eye serum above, but after 2 weeks of use, the results were not so different.

What we liked:

  • Very advanced formulation

  • Quick results

What could be improved:

  • Very expensive and not-so different results from the e-peptide eye serum

  • Only available online


3rd place: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

This eye serum by Dr. Dennis was a good experience for skin firmness.

It contains retinol (too aggressive for our taste) but also, it contains Bakuchiol: An active herb derived from the babchi plant that demonstrates the same level of efficacy as retinol without redness or irritation.

It had many 1-star reviews at Sephora, but we still went for it.

Last, for $71, we expected better results for the three of us.

What we liked:

  • Fast-absorbing and light serum

  • Focus on skin firmness

What could be improved:

  • Expensive and weak results

  • Only available online


4th place: The ordinary, Caffeine 5% + EGCG Depuffing Eye Serum

The Ordinary's Caffeine 5% + EGCG Depuffing Eye Serum contains a high concentration of caffeine, supplemented with epigallocatechin gallatyl glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves.

It is great if your priority is correcting puffiness and dark circles around the eye area.

The downside is that it forces us to buy other products for wrinkles and crow’s feet.

So we rated it number 4 because we do not like routines with sooo many products.

It also had an average of 3.8 starts at ULTA which was… not so good.

I did not try this one myself (because of time) but one of my colleagues did and she said it felt and looked good the morning after.

What we liked:

  • Affordable

  • Works good for dark circles and puffy eyes

What could be improved:

  • Forces you to buy 2 different products for complete results


5th place: Sunday Riley 5 Stars Retinol + Niacinamide Anti Aging Eye Serum

Even though this product is not for all skin types (read amazon reviews), it works very well for some people.

This serum contains 6% retinoid complex and bioactive centella asiatica to support natural collagen production.

All in all this was a good solution but be careful if your skin is sensitive.

What we liked:

  • Affordable

  • Works good to treat wrinkles and age signs

What could be improved:

  • Not for all skin types, be careful with it


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The good news is we have a discount for you and a
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Hurry up! By the time you’re reading this, our beloved readers will have already taken action so there will be a few units left.

The winner of our test: the Super
Peptide Serum for firmer skin and
fewer wrinkles

(4,8 stars)


The winner of our test: the Super
Peptide Serum for firmer skin and
fewer wrinkles

(4,8 stars)


When can I see visible results?

After the first use, you will see an initial glow up: bright and smooth skin together with deep hydration.

After a month of consistency, our customers report a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, their dark circles fade and all in all they look a lot better.

Is there any danger related to this serum?

No. It’s even safer than the most famous serums because we don’t include any alcohol or any retinol in our formulation. We use Tripeptide-10 and Tripeptide-1 together with other natural ingredients to maximize results while minimizing any potential harm.

Does this serum work for all ages?

Yes. Older generations will see age signs fading due to the ascorbic and hyaluronic acid being delivered into the skin. Younger generations will protect their skin with Vitamin C and enjoy an enhanced skin tone to look amazing. Hydrolyzed collagen will help everybody.

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If you aren’t taking Alpha BRAIN®, you are operating at a disadvantage.

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