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After the first order you definitely have me as a regular customer! Highly recommended!

Just wow!

Highly recommended!

Easy Revive - Healthier & thicker hair in just 4 weeks
Camilla N.
Excellent value for money

This product is ideal for the treatment of hair loss. It has proven to be extremely effective and offers an effective solution to this problem.

Makes everyday life much easier

A great little device that fits in your handbag and delivers the perfect amount for your scalp. It also provides a nice massage. As I haven't used it for long, I can't say anything about its longevity. However, so far I would definitely recommend it!


This product is simply fantastic! It improves the health of my scalp by stimulating circulation and encouraging hair growth! I swear by it and use it daily.

Streamlines my routine.

This store is great.

Easy Revive - Healthier & thicker hair in just 4 weeks
Mabel G.
Easy to use effortlessly

The performance of this product is really impressive. Not only have I used it on my own scalp, but also on my baby's, and it didn't irritate him at all. Also, the oil doesn't run excessively, which makes it very easy to use.

Works like a dream

I am extremely satisfied. The quality is excellent and the look is beautiful.


My son bought me the present for my birthday. Great value for money.

Great help in daily life.

Fast shipping! Super customer service! Top goods!

Easy Revive - Healthier & thicker hair in just 4 weeks
Vanessa A.
Classic and timeless

The device has really done my scalp good. I haven't had any dandruff since. It's amazing how my scalp has improved since using this device.

Pure enthusiasm!

The vibrations and red light therapy feel great on my scalp. I use this part almost every day and the oil dispenser twice. It's really handy that you can take the oil part off when you don't want to use it. I'm thinking of buying one for my roommate too.


I love this! Really helps to get the oil to the roots

Innovative and well thought out.

I am delighted. Ordering was easy and delivery was fast. The customer service is friendly and helpful.

Easy Revive - Healthier & thicker hair in just 4 weeks
Trinity Z.
Portable and robust

A really worthwhile purchase! I tried it out to counteract a patch of alopecia and so far I'm delighted! The sturdiness and strength of this device completely wins me over, and I really appreciate that it doesn't get caught or tangled in the hair. I'm looking forward to seeing what effect it will ultimately achieve. I was particularly impressed by the even distribution of the oil, which feels wonderful on my scalp.


It is easy to use and rechargeable. It feels good in the hand and is lightweight. I prefer to spread the oil separately and just use the device as a massager after applying the oil. I particularly like that it can promote hair growth as thinning hair is a problem for me.


Works well. My husband and I both use it in the shower.

Makes life easier.

Very classy! Highly recommended!

Easy Revive - Healthier & thicker hair in just 4 weeks
Nina V.
Reliable everyday aid

I came across this device in a video by an influencer and it immediately appealed to me. Nevertheless, I hesitated to buy the recommended product as it seemed too expensive. However, this alternative device fulfills almost all my needs: Massage, red light therapy and the application of oils and serums. And the best thing about it? It reliably maintains its performance with regular use.


Excellent workmanship! 👍🏻😊


I am absolutely thrilled with this thing! It has revolutionised my hair care routine. I can no longer imagine washing my hair without it. It cleans my scalp and my hair just great.


The price-performance ratio is superb! You don't often find that these days!

A must-have for every household.

The quality is great and it makes a great gift.

Easy Revive - Healthier & thicker hair in just 4 weeks
Laila P.
Stylish and efficient

The device works really well! The vibration on the scalp is just lovely and I love how it dispenses the oil accurately without being too wasteful. The added feature of red light therapy is definitely a big plus for me!

Very good

Effective and easy to use. A great product!